Children’s healthcare rankings: Vermont named No. 1, Nevada last among states

Judging by 28 different metrics, Vermont offers the highest-quality and most cost-efficient care for children, according to a new study from personal finance website WalletHub, while Nevada struggles with limited access to care and poor oral health among those under the age of 18.

The rankings depended on metrics broken down into three categories: 1) kids’ health and access to care; 2) physical activity, nutrition and obesity; and 3) oral health. Each category contained several weighted indicators. For example, the children's health and access to care category included the uninsured rate among children in the state and the number of pediatricians and family doctors per capita.

Vermont had the highest percentage of children who have had preventive care visits with physicians and dentists in the prior year, along with leading in the “excellent or very good” oral health category. It was also ranked in the top five for most pediatricians per capita, lowest infant death rate and lowest number of uninsured children.

Nevada, on the other hand, had the highest uninsured rate among children under the age of 18 and the lowest percentage of children with medical and dental preventive care visits within the prior year.

You can read the full state-by-state rankings here.