EMS Professionals Will Appeal to Congress to Support Life-saving Services and Patient Access to Emergency Medications at EMS On The Hill Day

CLINTON, Miss., April 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Hundreds of emergency and mobile healthcare professionals, representing emergency medical services (EMS) in almost every U.S. state, will assemble on Capitol Hill to request support from congressional leaders on issues vital to the health and safety of every community in our nation.

On April 25, EMS On The Hill Day participants will meet with members of Congress and their legislative staff to discuss the challenges EMS practitioners face in providing quality patient care in their communities. Also to be discussed — the need for resources to help EMS prepare for the rising occurrences of mass casualty incidents and public health emergencies. Participants will also discuss with congressional leaders how EMS workforce can help fill gaps and lower medical costs as an integrated partner in our nation's healthcare system.

"Hill Day brings the challenges shared by EMS in every state to the national level to educate our congressional leaders with a united voice on the important needs of our communities and patients," said Dennis Rowe, NAEMT President. "This event helps bring into scope the diverse role of EMS, from responding to emergencies, to providing preventive care in the home, and collaborating with our nation's firefighters and law enforcement on mass casualty and other broader-scale disasters and threats."

EMS On The Hill Day, hosted by NAEMT, is the largest national advocacy event for the EMS profession in the country. In the states, EMS advocacy happens every day and is essential to raising awareness of the important role of emergency and mobile healthcare providers within our communities.

National EMS Week, May 21-27, offers an opportunity to continue discussions with government leaders on the benefits of fully integrating EMS into our nation's healthcare system. It is also an excellent opportunity for residents to come together with EMS professionals to appreciate their sacrifices and to ensure that medical response can be counted on every day.