Mississippi gets 1st 10-year Medicaid demonstration waiver

For the first time, CMS has approved a 10-year extension of a Medicaid Section 1115 demonstration waiver allowing the state to provide family planning services to residents with incomes up to 194 percent of the federal poverty level.

As reported by Mississippi Today, the approval of a decade-long waiver, as opposed to the typical five-year extension, is expected to be the first of many by CMS as it seeks to emphasize states’ roles in administering their Medicaid programs as they see fit.

“The primary objective of this waiver is to reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies and subsequent births by providing eligible individuals access to family planning services,” said the state’s Division of Medicaid in a statement to Mississippi Today. “This 10-year demonstration extension will help ease the administrative burden on our agency allowing us to focus on providing these needed services to our beneficiaries.”

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