The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital is facing mounting criticism due to its handling of the first Ebola case in the U.S., reports The Dallas Morning News.

Medicare is expected to cut payments for a record-breaking 2,610 hospitals because of failure to reign in 30-day readmissions, reports Kaiser Health News.

Montefiore Pioneer ACO in Bronx, N.Y., saved Medicare $24 million last year—and, thanks to its shared savings agreement, got to pocket $13 million of it. The Washington Post explores how it accomplished this feat in a system where 80 percent of patients receive Medicaid or Medicare. 

General Electric’s head of business development, John Flannery, is expected to immediately take the helm of the company’s $18.2 billion healthcare unit, reports Wall Street Journal.

A computer error is why Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital staff accidentally discharged a patient diagnosed with Ebola, reports CBS News.

Big data can offer insight on patients’ diagnoses and possible complications in a way that is much less costly and time-consuming than clinical trials, reports New York Times Magazine.

Veterans have been waiting three months or longer for initial physician appointments during a time when the healthcare ecosystem outside the Department of Veteran Affairs struggles to fill beds and open slots.

Entering year two, continues to evolve. The sign-up portal soon will allow customers to “window shop” for health plans prior to starting the enrollment process, reports Bloomberg.

Facebook may venture into the healthcare field.

Research shows that value-oriented payment systems are on the rise, with 40 cents of every healthcare dollar now tied in some way to value—up from only 11 cents one year ago, according to Forbes.

Nashville’s next big thing may be healthcare data mining, reports The Tennessean.

Republicans continue to cite’s rocky launch when making the case against the Affordable Care Act, reports the Washington Post.