Join a panel of experts to hear how technologies like graphic processing units (GPUs), cloud storage and artificial intelligence are changing the practice of radiology.

Listen in on our conversation with Ashley Clary, Vice President of Imaging Services at Ochsner, and Geoff Clemmons, Product Marketing Manager for Vital.

Learn from four leading cardiologists on the movement of TAVR into this low-risk patient population, how hospitals are increasing awareness among physicians and patients and the importance of connecting patients with heart teams. 

This webinar is a must-see use case for radiology practice and hospital leaders seeking to more tightly share and integrate data to improve operations, starting with billing and radiologist workflow. 

Communication failures for diagnostic imaging results can have serious consequences for patient care–and can result in costly medical malpractice cases. Join us and see how how radiologists can be freed from unproductive contact attempts.

With a need to have access to clinical images across the health system, some hospitals and health systems are blazing a trail to add digital pathology to the mix. See how University Hospitals’ pathology department has gotten pathologists fluent and confident in digital pathology. And how their team has united pathology PACS with radiology PACS for breast rad-path MDT meetings. 

Learn from leading billing and reimbursement specialists about how to improve your Case Mix Index (CMI) and reimbursement. See how hospitals are using complete and accurate coding for reimbursement and a correct CMI, and why a lack of good documentation could mean lower weighted DRGs and a lower CMI. 

3pm ET June 5, 2019 | This webinar will outline how to improve patient care, lower costs and reduce IT complexity through a well-designed Enterprise Imaging strategy.

[Expert Roundtable Video Series] Sitting atop the biggest biobank with whole exome (DNA) sequence data in existence, Geisinger Health System is bringing complex algorithmic concepts to everyday patient care and showing others the path forward. Register to see how data, imaging & genomics are driving actionable decision-making.

We asked the questions you want to: Why is imaging ripe for AI? How will improvements in image processing and reconstruction, quality control and work list prioritization improve the practice of radiology?