The national average increase over the study period was 760%—from 2.0 pediatric hospitalizations per 100,000 persons in May to 17.2 in November.

The agency has posted an interactive map showing the locations of drug distributors that have recently received shipments of two monoclonal antibody medications good for treating COVID-19.

When it comes to administering COVID-19 vaccinations to the people most in need of immunization, hospitals and health systems across the U.S. are botching the operation.

It’s not inconvenience or expectations of long waits that are prompting the deliberated refusals.

UnitedHealth Group is acquiring Change Healthcare for about $8 billion cash, the companies jointly announced Wednesday morning.

Hospitals required by state laws to offer healthcare workers flu shots can expect significantly reduced flu and pneumonia mortality compared with hospitals in states forgoing such mandates.

The Mayo Clinic has had better outcomes with COVID-19 patients than the national average, achieving a mortality rate of 1.1% vs. approximately 3% for the U.S. as a whole.

Is your organization ready to meet the new federal requirements on hospital price transparency? The policy is set to go live on New Year’s Day. 

The revised system gives states greater leeway than they’ve had to cut value-based purchasing deals with pharma companies on innovative but expensive drugs.

If a scientific survey of 788 representative Americans conducted in July is a reliable bellwether, the country could fall short of getting to the 70% vaccination rate needed to achieve community, or “herd,” immunity.

Media outlets en masse captured the scenes this week when the first round of U.S. residents got inoculated with a COVID-19 vaccine.

Analyzing timestamped EHR data from more than 21 million primary care visits in 2017, researchers have ascertained average lengths of visit and other metrics useful to assessing care quality.