31M Americans are covered under Obamacare

A record 31 million individuals are covered under health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, the White House announced in a report. 

Additionally, the report revealed a drop in the uninsured rate in every state since the law’s healthcare expansions took effect. There were 11.3 million people enrolled in the ACA Marketplace plans as of February 2021 and 14.8 million newly-eligible people enrolled in Medicaid through the ACA’s expansion of eligibility to adults as of December 2020, HHS reported. 

“The historic numbers released today speak to the success of the Affordable Care Act and our country’s need for quality, affordable health care,” HHS Secretary Xavier Beccera said in a tweet. “The President’s American Rescue Plan was a leap forward, and we at HHS will continue to advance the fight for health security.”

There are also one million people enrolled in the ACA’s Basic Health Program, and nearly four million previously-eligible adult Medicaid recipients who gained coverage thanks to the law’s outreach, streamlined applications and increased federal funding through the ACA.

“People served by the health Marketplaces and Medicaid expansion have reached record highs,” HHS stated.

The Biden administration reopened the healthcare exchanges after Biden took office, giving more people a chance to receive coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic. The move proved popular, with enrollment jumping during the initial weeks. More than one million adults have signed up for coverage on Healthcare.gov since the special enrollment period opened. 

“Health care coverage is life-changing for our communities and families. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act millions of Americans have been able to enroll in high-quality, affordable coverage through the Marketplaces and Medicaid expansion,” CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure said in a statement. “The Biden-Harris Administration is working to strengthen these vital programs that have advanced health equity and improved health outcomes. With the implementation of the American Rescue Plan, which builds on the ACA, health coverage is more affordable and accessible than ever. As we rebuild from the health and economic impacts of the pandemic and work to address the disparities it has illuminated, we’ll protect and build on the ACA to ensure Americans can access the care they need.”


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