CVS previews a new type of store post Aetna merger

CVS Health is testing out a new store format in three Houston locations that aim to be a health hub for residents in those communities, with more of the store designated for healthcare services. The concept combines digital health offerings and community spaces with in-store services.

The design of the HealthHUB locations follows up on CVS’ promise of a new model as a community health services provider and retailer following the completion of its $69 billion acquisition of health insurer Aetna.

“We believe that transforming the consumer health care experience begins with creating a new front door to health care,” Alan Lotvin, chief transformation officer for CVS Health, said in a statement. “Our new HealthHUB locations are just that—helping to elevate the store into a convenient neighborhood health care destination that brings easier access to better care at a lower cost.” 

The three new HealthHUB locations offer new healthcare services, product categories, digital tools and on-demand kiosks, with over 20 percent of the store dedicated to health services.

The new services also include durable medical equipment and supplies and new product and service combinations for sleep apnea and diabetes care, as well as pathways to nutritional health such as one-on-one and group counseling delivered in-store by a licensed dietician and access to a free digital weight loss app.

Consumers can utilize the Care Concierge as their connection point inside the HealthHUB, a new position in stores responsible for customer engagement and navigating consumers through in-store services and events. Customers have accepted this help from the Care Concierge in more than 95 percent of recorded interactions, with 50 percent engagement with another HealthHUB provider or offering, according to CVS Health.

CVS professionals can also host group events, such as health classes, nutritional seminars and benefits education, in Wellness Rooms in the HealthHub stores. In addition, consumers can use iPads outfitted with Learning Tables to shop products and explore health and wellness apps. On-Demand Health Kiosks can measure health vitals, such as blood pressure, weight and BMI.

“We have a sense of urgency about the need to bring real change to healthcare,” Kevin Hourican, executive vice president of CVS Health and president of CVS Pharmacy, said in a statement. “What’s clear to us is that it will take more than incremental steps to fix what is broken in the healthcare system. That’s why we’re excited about how the combination of CVS and Aetna can begin to establish an innovative healthcare model that will create an entirely new consumer experience and help people on their path to better health.”