Quest Diagnostics invites healthcare consumers to request their own COVID antibody tests

Quest Diagnostics has begun offering direct-to-consumer antibody testing for COVID-19.

The company announced the service launch April 28, saying individuals who want the test can request it online—cost: $119—without referral from a doctor.

Well, sort of.

The company reviews each request. If it deems the test appropriate for the submitting individual, a licensed physician makes the order. The patient goes to a Quest blood-draw site and, as desired, may consult with the physician about the results.

The participating physicians are affiliated with the national PWNHealth network, which is also involved in delivering results to patients via Quest’s patient portal and providing the patients with post-test telehealth support.

Quest’s CMO, Jay Wohlgemuth, MD, comments that the science on COVID-19 is evolving. Testing for antibodies, he points out, “may identify people who have likely been exposed and might have mounted an immune response to the virus.”

Read the full announcement here and see the presentation of the new product here.