Wildfire claims parts of Vista Del Mar Hospital in California

At least two buildings have been destroyed by fire on the campus of Vista Del Mar Hospital, a behavioral health hospital in Ventura, Calif. which had evacuated its patients less than a day earlier.

As recounted by the Ventura County Star, administrators had decided to evacuate late on the night of Dec. 4, gathering the patients and about 20 staff members along with medications and charts. The convoy of departing cars “barely made it” out of the area before the fires made it to the hospital buildings.

“We looked up and palm trees and that top (Vista hospital) building looked like it was on fire,” said hospital CEO Jenifer Nyhuis.

Staff members and patients spent the night on cots at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. Within hours, they found space for all the patients at other facilities in Pasadena, Bakersfield and as well as other hospitals in Ventura County.

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