A new study has revealed that COVID-19 was likely already spreading in the U.S. much earlier than previously reported. In fact, the study adds to the CDC’s study suggesting the virus was present here as early as December 2019.


Vermont is ahead of the vaccination curve compared to the rest of the United States. 


A new report reveals that it’s plausible the COVID-19 leaked from a Wuhan lab, giving other calls for investigation into the origin of the virus new life.


Twelve states are meeting President Biden’s goal to have 70% of the U.S. adult population vaccinated against COVID-19 by July 4, CNBC reported.


Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine is effective in young people between 12 and 17, according to results from phase two of three of the biopharmaceutical company’s study.


The number of new COVID-19 cases in the U.S. has dropped to its lowest level in a year, according to an analysis from Reuters.


New data shows 60% of U.S. adults are vaccinated against COVID-19.


The new requirement covers all attendees, including exhibitors and HIMSS employees. The organization is still determining how it will validate each person's status. 

The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention has voted to recommend the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine to children between 12 and 15, though a handful of states already lowered age restrictions on vaccines ahead of the vote.


A patient who was given five times the regular dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by a distracted nurse has reported no adverse symptoms after being monitored at a hospital, CBS News reported.


The CDC is changing the way it reports people who contract COVID-19 after they have been vaccinated against the virus, drawing some questions and ire from those it affects.


If two regional studies published May 3 are reflective of all U.S. healthcare workers’ attitudes toward the present pandemic, facemask wearing is spotty and vaccination rates are more variable by demographics and attitudes than access.