GoodRx acquires healthcare video platform HealthiNation

GoodRx, an online source for healthcare savings and coupons, has closed its acquisition of HealthiNation, an online platform that offers thousands of videos with vital health information.

The acquisition expands GoodRx’s manufacturing solutions business and enables the digital company to deliver high-quality content and information to consumers. The acquisition also provides pharmaceutical manufacturers a targeted and efficient way to connect their brands to consumers and reach larger audiences. The acquisition price was not disclosed.

The acquisition enables patients to better educate themselves on health topics. More and more, health information it made available to patients. Earlier this year, YouTube announced it planned to bring health information videos to its platforms, leaning on healthcare experts to spread credible health information and dispel misinformation.

HealthiNation produces original healthcare videos, with a library of expert-written videos in partnership with networks of healthcare professionals and patient advocates. The video topics range from disease conditions, nutrition, wellness and lifestyle. The videos are available at HealthiNation’s website, as well as through its healthcare professionals networks, including doctor’s offices, hospitals, Roku, Apple TV, iOS, Apple News, Amazon Fire tablets, and Android phones and tablets.

“We are always looking for ways to accelerate our vision of being the leading consumer digital health platform,” Doug Hirsch, co-CEO and co-founder of GoodRx, said in a statement. “The acquisition of HealthiNation aligns with our effort to invest more in research and content to empower consumers, and propel even faster growth in our Manufacturer Solutions offering.”


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