Few healthcare workers get cybersecurity training

Despite a high threat of cyber attacks, few healthcare workers are actually trained on how to protect themselves and their organizations, according to a report from FireEye.

Healthcare, in particular, is a targeted space and was among the top three most targeted industry for significant attacks last year. Currently, there are 17 advanced threat groups targeting healthcare providers and facilities, insurance, medical equipment, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and social services, FireEye has tracked.

Healthcare companies can fall to cyber threats through numerous ways, but the most common is phishing emails, where 91% of all cyber crimes start. This happens when an employee of a company mistakes a cyber attack as a real email and unintentionally downloads malware. According to FireEye, 95% of phishing-based breaches are followed by software installation.

And these attacks come a high cost to companies––about $3.62 million on average. Globally, a breach costs $141 on average for each record stolen, but in healthcare that number climbs to $380.