Google, Mayo Clinic announce 10-year partnership

Two major companies are joining forces in a 10-year strategic partnership to accelerate healthcare innovation through digital technologies.

Specifically, Google Cloud will be used by Mayo Clinic for its advanced cloud computing, data analytics, machine learning and AI. Mayo Clinic, based in Rochester, Minnesota, was recently named the top hospital in the nation for 2019 in one ranking.

"Data-driven medical innovation is growing exponentially, and our partnership with Google will help us lead the digital transformation in healthcare," Gianrico Farrugia, MD, president and CEO of Mayo Clinic, said in a statement. "It will empower us to solve some of the most complex medical problems; better anticipate the needs of people we serve; and meet them when, where and how they need us. We will share our knowledge and expertise globally while caring for people locally and always do it with a human touch."

According to a press release, Mayo Clinic’s partnership with Google will enable the healthcare organization to advance virtual care through AI-enabled digital diagnostic as well as develop and deploy new machine learning models for precision medicine.

Under the partnership, Google will secure and store Mayo Clinic’s data and apply AI and cloud computing technologies to solve complex healthcare problems. Google will also open a new office in Rochester for the company’s engineers to work side by side with Mayo Clinic researchers, physicians, information technology staff and data scientists.

"Health care is one of the most important fields that technology will help transform over the next decade, and it's a major area of investment for Google,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in a statement. “By pairing the Mayo Clinic's world-class clinical expertise with our capabilities in AI and cloud computing, we have an extraordinary opportunity to develop services that will significantly improve lives."