HCCI partners with Blue Health Intelligence

The Health Care Cost Institute, which holds one of the largest databases about the commercially insured population and publishes data reports, has partnered with Blue Health Intelligence to bolster data and research insights.

BHI carries medical and pharmacy claims data from more than 190 million Americans, representing Blue Cross and Blue Shield company members, and leverages that data to help healthcare organizations improve care, lower costs and optimize performance. HCCI’s dataset includes data from more than 60 million commercially-insured people annually. BHI’s data does not include identifying information about patients.

"By adding our conformed and secure data to HCCI's existing repository by the end of this year, BHI welcomes the chance to increase opportunities to advance healthcare cost and quality solutions for all Americans," Swati Abbott, CEO of BHI, said in a statement.

The partnership will increase HCCI’s ability to provide insights reports about employer-sponsored and individual insurance markets. The partnership comes after HCCI announced it would end its data sharing agreement with UnitedHealthcare at the beginning of 2019. HCCI receives de-identified patient data from several other major insurers.

"HCCI data has become an indispensable source of insight for the nation's leading academic institutions, such as Harvard, Cornell and Yale, as well as blue-ribbon health care analytic organizations, including the Congressional Budget Office, the Federal Trade Commission and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Office of the Actuary," Robert J. Town, PhD, chair of HCCI's Governing Board, said in a statement. "The continued availability and expansion of this data source will allow us to continue to better understand health system performance."