Humana expands connectivity of its wellness program

Humana is expanding the connectivity of its health and wellness program, Go365, by partnering up with personal health data company Validic.

Members of Go365 will be able to connect hundreds of wearables, health apps and in-home medical devices to the program through the partnership. The connectivity means members can essentially bring their own device to the program.

Humana will gain increased insight into their members using the devices, and the program incentivizes members achieve their best health, such as participating in preventive health screenings and fitness activities, according to Humana.

It may also help Humana engage more members, as 35% of wearable owners today own a device manufactured outside the top five wearable vendors. The health insurer has already partnered with several big names in wearables, including Fitbit.

"We are proud to provide programs that support people in their journey to better health," Jeff Reid, senior vice president of Humana Wellness Solutions, said in a statement. "In broadening the accessibility of Go365––both in terms of connectivity and membership––we enable more people, including those with differing socioeconomic backgrounds or health challenges, to achieve better health in a premier wellness program."

Humana’s Go365 program has more than five million members nationwide. A recent study of a group of members found participants increased their consumption of healthier foods and exercise, with less tobacco use and stress.

Validic and Humana plan to expand their partnership down the line to include other health barriers, such as nutrition, smoking cessation, mental health and more, the two companies said.

"This collaboration is about focusing resources on populations that require more attention and giving support to individuals that need a continuous partner in their health,” Validic CEO Drew Schiller said in a statement. “The work between Humana and Validic is about empowering people with the tools and freedom to live better and healthier lives.”