Mayo Clinic launches new data analytics platform

Mayo Clinic, the Rochester, Minn.-based nonprofit healthcare organization, has launched the Clinical Data Analytics Platform that will use deidentified data and scientific literature to improve patient health.

The platform, based on a federated architecture, will ensure data privacy and security but also allow multiple participants to build and AI and machine learning model that does not share datasets. The platform could help solve the issue of too much data, helping scientists translate biomedical data to find new treatments.

“For more than a century, our patients have entrusted us with their biomedical information, with the knowledge that Mayo Clinic would use it to advance the science of medicine,” Clark Otley, MD, chief medical officer for the Mayo Clinic Platform, said. “Advanced data and technology capabilities offer great potential to not just improve the health of patients through the treatment of disease but to prevent and cure it.”

Mayo Clinic also aims to accelerate drug discovery across biopharmaceuticals to find new cures for patients by partnering with augmented intelligence company nference. The company will “focus on identifying targets and biomarkers for new drugs, optimal matching of patients with therapeutic regimen, and real-world data and evidence applications, such as label expansion, postmarketing surveillance and drug purposing,” the announcement reads.

The venture is the first under the Mayo Clinic Platform, an initiative that will leverage insights and data-driven knowledge to improve healthcare. The healthcare provider launched the Platform last year as a portfolio across emerging technologies, including AI, connected healthcare devices and natural language processing. Nference will be Mayo Clinic’s exclusive partner for analytic services to the biopharma industry, the announcement noted.

“Platform business models have been a force of disruption in many sectors, and the rapid digitalization of healthcare is affording us an unprecedented opportunity to solve complex medical problems and improve lives of people on a global scale,” John Halamka, MD, Mayo Clinic Platform president, said in a statement.