Health IT

Booz Allen Hamilton has purchased Epidemico, a Boston-based health analytics start-up, for an undisclosed amount, reports The Washington Post.

FitBit will remain imcompatible with Apple's HealthKit for the simple reason that it plans to launch its own wearable device that will compete directly with Apple Watch, according to Tech Crunch.

Some of the largest U.S. pharmacies and healthcare organizations are lobbying Congress to expand the types of telehealth services that can be reimbursed by Medicare and Medicaid, reports The Washington Post.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicare unveiled a new investment model to advance accountable care organizations in rural and underserved communities, reports iHealthBeat.

If big data is so useful in medicine, why isn’t it more widespread? The “stubborn culture of medicine” and slow technological adoption are some of the culprits, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Apple’s health app, a free feature of iOS 8, allows data collected from multiple gadgets to appear in one place.

National Institutes of Health has unveiled a seven-year, $656 million initiative, Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K), to make huge biomedical data sets available to researchers worldwide, reports Los Angeles Times.

A computer error is why Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital staff accidentally discharged a patient diagnosed with Ebola, reports CBS News.

Facebook may venture into the healthcare field.

With reimbursement penalties starting up on Oct. 1 for providers who fail to adequately share patient data, many physicians are reporting struggles with exchanging health data between disparate EHR systems, reports The New York Times.