Baylor Scott & White, Memorial Hermann won’t merge

After signing a letter of intent to explore a merger in October 2018, Baylor Scott & White Health and Memorial Hermann Health System have dissolved the plan.

“After months of thoughtful exploration, we have decided to discontinue talks of a merger between our two systems. Ultimately, we have concluded that as strong, successful organizations, we are capable of achieving our visions for the future without merging at this time,” read a joint statement issued Feb. 5.

Under a merger, the two not-for-profit, Texas-based health systems would have created a large entity representing about 15 percent of the state’s hospitals. The combined system would have included 68 hospitals and more than 1,100 care delivery sites.

The two organizations did not state a specific reason for the breakup. However, future collaborations between the two health systems are still a possibility.

“We have a tremendous amount of respect for each other and remain committed to strengthening our communities, advancing the health of Texans and transforming the delivery of care,” the statement concluded. “We will continue to seek opportunities for collaboration as two forward-thinking, mission-driven organizations.”