Hospital employment, pay on the rise across the board

Overall U.S. hospital employment hit 5,223,000 in March, rising 2.11% over the 5,115,000 recorded in March of 2018, according to the latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For nonsupervisory positions, the March year-to-year figures are not yet in, but from Feb. 2018 to Feb. 2019, the lift was a similarly sturdy 1.86%—approximately 4.666 million workers then to 4.753 million now.

What’s more, the spike in hiring was accompanied by gains in wages.

Earnings for all hospital workers in Feb. 2019 averaged $33 per hour, or around $66,000 annually, compared with $32/hour ($64K annually) in Feb. 2018.

Nonsupervisory hospital employees enjoyed an increase to $32/hour in Feb. 2019, up from $31/hour ($62K per year) in Feb. 2018.

Meanwhile DataUSA, a non-government source of hospital workforce growth, composition and compensation, had the average age of hospital workers at 42.9 years in 2016, with males earning an average $90,493 and females $57,675.

DataUSA, which is maintained by Deloitte, MIT and Datawheel, also broke down the salary averages into full time vs. part time, finding that the former had an average annual salary of $71,437 while their part-time coworkers took home $35,868.