Where Medicare Advantage will cost the least in 2019

Healthcare costs around the country vary across settings and services, and the same is true for Medicare Advantage, which is expected to grow to 22.6 million members in 2019.

CMS announced MA costs were expected to decline in 2019 as enrollment increases, with the average premium dropping 6 percent to $28 on average.

Across the country, the average cost of MA plans has increased for some states and decreased for most, according to a ranking conducted by HealthMarkets, which studied data from CMS.

Here are the states with the lowest MA total average costs in 2019, including average monthly cost of premiums, drug deductibles and maximum out-of-pocket cost:

  • Nevada––$4,678.74
  • Iowa––$5,126.42
  • California––$5,234.43
  • Rhode Island––$5,430.25
  • Florida––$5,647.83
  • Ohio––$5,749.93
  • Michigan––$5,817.10
  • Nebraska––$5,823.92
  • Illinois––$5,859.88
  • Colorado––$5,881.56

From 2018 to 2019, Kansas saw the biggest decrease in cost, at 10.1 percent. Delaware costs decreased 9.6 percent while Nebraska’s costs dropped 9.4 percent.

However, not all states saw lower MA costs for 2019, and 14 had increases. New Hampshire saw a nearly 7 percent increase in costs, more than $450. Similarly, Washington, D.C., had a 6.8 percent increase and Maryland increased 6.3 percent.