PhRma industry association stops addiction treatment funding

A major industry group representing pharmaceutical companies has ceased funding to a nonprofit group that aims to help people addicted to opioids, Politico reported.

Industry group PhRma will cease providing financial support to the Addiction Policy Forum by 2020, cutting the nonprofit off from 90% of its funding.

PhRma, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, is one of the nation’s largest pharma industry and lobbying groups. The group already cut its donation from $81 million to $6 million this year, Politico reported.

The funding stop comes at a time when pharma companies are facing more backlash for their roles in the opioid abuse and overdose epidemic, which killed 68,000 people last year. According to Politico, current and former employees at Addiction Policy Forum have accused the CEO, Jessica Nickel, of poorly managing millions on a K Street office in Chicago.

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