Websites advertise non-existent 'Trumpcare' health plans

Trumpcare healthcare plans pop up in online search results for health insurance, but there’s one problem: Trumpcare plans aren’t actually real.

That’s according to Axios, which reported that bare-bones health plans are being touted as Trumpcare plans online, muddying the waters for those seeking health insurance coverage on the individual market. The plans are advertised for as low as $59 per month.

An Axios reporter who dove into the plans discovered many were actually short-term limited-duration health plans that do not offer comprehensive coverage and do not have to follow Obamacare requirements, including essential health benefits.

The Trump administration expanded short-term health plans in 2018, allowing people to use them for a maximum of three years instead of three months. The plans, which were originally intended to cover people in between comprehensive coverage, have been criticized as junk insurance.

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