The top 10 largest insurers collectively wrote 51.8% of all healthcare premiums in the U.S. market in 2018.

Healthcare was top of mind among Iowa caucus-goers as the start of the 2020 election kicked off in the state on Feb. 3. About 60% of Democrats at the Iowa caucuses said they support eliminating private health insurance and moving to a single-payer healthcare system.

San Francisco-based One Medical, a membership primary care company, has launched its initial public offering with a starting share price of $14. The company expected to gain gross proceeds of $245 million.

The novel coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China, has become the world’s most expensive epidemic, according to data from In fact, the virus, which has been compared to SARS and MERS, is expected to cost China about 2% of its GDP during the first quarter of 2020, or $62 billion.


The former CEO of health insurer Aetna, which was acquired by CVS Health for $69 billion at the end of 2018, says he is being pushed off the board of the combined company.


Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $344 million to settle lawsuits that the pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods deceptively marketed its transvaginal mesh medical device product.

Healthcare mergers and acquisition has been on a hot streak for a number of years, but not all hospital mergers end up achieving their stated goals. For instance, hospital mergers may actually increase prices rather than decrease them, according to some studies.

Microsoft is launching a $40 million, five-year program that aims to leverage the company’s existing initiative and AI technology to help researchers and organizations tackle health challenges.

CVS Health recently launched an insulin program for employers and health plan sponsors to offer diabetes medications with zero out-of-pocket costs for members. The program could help alleviate the rising costs of insulin for people managing diabetes.

Male physicians starting out make more than $36,000 than their female counterparts on average, according to a new study in Health Affairs that compared starting compensation.

Hospitals have partnered with several technology giants, including Microsoft, IBM, Google and Amazon and handed over valuable and identifiable patient information in data deals, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The pharmaceutical industry upped its lobbying efforts in 2019, with a record-high of $29 million spent lobbying Congress.