Democrats see Bernie Sanders as leader in healthcare debate

Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents favor Bernie Sanders when it comes to who can best handle healthcare out of the field of Democratic candidates for president, according to a CNN poll. Sanders, along with several other candidates, supports Medicare for all.

The poll came after the first two Democratic presidential debates, which aired in the last week of June.

Out of the top Democratic candidates, 26% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents queried by CNN support Sanders, 18% supported Vice President Joe Biden, followed by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (16%), and California Sen. Kamala Harris (16%).

The poll also revealed about half of this group of voters also want a Medicare for all plan, but don’t want to eradicate private insurance entirely––57% said the government should not completely replace private health insurance.

Among those who said they wanted both a national insurance plan and the elimination of private insurance, 36% supported Sanders as the best candidate to handle healthcare. He still was the top supported candidate, with 27% of participant selection, for those who wanted a national healthcare plan without the elimination of private insurance. Harris had 13% of support from this group.

Overall, 56% of voters in the poll said they support a government-sponsored health insurance program for all Americans, even with higher taxes, compared to 40% who did not.