Pediatrician headlines 2018 candidates running to protect, promote STEM fields

Several scientists are running for office in 2018 with an eye on protecting and promoting STEM fields, including Mai Khanh Tran, MD, a Vietnamese immigrant and pediatrician running in California's 39th District.

Many of the scientists running for office are backed by the 314 Action, a political action committee “committed to electing more STEM candidates to office.” Approximately 7,000 people responded to the PAC’s call to run for office, and 314 Action has a network of approximately 400,000 donors.

Joseph Kosper, an aerospace engineer trained at the U.S. Military Academy seeks to obtain the seat for the 21st US Congressional District in Texas. His website notes his decisions are based on constituent input and “verified scientific data.”

“I absolutely feel that science is under attack,” Kopser told the Washington Post. “It’s the opposite of when John F. Kennedy said he wanted to get us to the moon in less than 10 years."”

314 Action is currently working with 30 U.S. congressional candidates including a stem-cell researcher, a pediatrician and an engineer, among others.

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