ACA marketplaces remain unstable—but insurers see profit potential

Prices continue to climb on the Affordable Care Act exchanges, with some estimates calling for 30 percent increases to typical silver-level plans in 2019. But despite the additional challenges faced by individuals on the marketplaces, insurers see clear skies ahead.

An article by the Hill details how insurance companies are reentering the ACA marketplaces despite the Trump administration’s hostility toward the ACA.

“We have finally reached the point where insurers are making money in the [ACA] marketplaces,” said Larry Levitt, a senior vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation, in an interview with the Hill. “The market is stable economically, but it’s stabilized where premiums are very expensive.”

At the link below read more about how experts are feeling more certain in the federal interpretation of the ACA, while the regulatory situation continues to be messy.