Americans don’t believe Trump has a ‘phenomenal health plan’

The majority of Americans don’t believe President Trump has a healthcare plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. While Trump has touted that he will release a healthcare plan and that his administration already had an outline for a plan back in June, he has yet to release anything.

That’s according to the early results of a Kaiser Family Foundation poll. Drew Altman, president and CEO of KFF, outlined the highlights of the poll in an Axios brief.

The confidence in the President’s possible future health plan is split among party lines; 81% of Republicans are somewhat or very confident Trump will meet the promises he’s made on healthcare, while 95% of Democrats and 61% of Independents are not confident. Specifically, Trump has promised Americans will get better healthcare at a lower cost than what they currently pay now.

Overall, 62% were not confident Trump would deliver on his healthcare promises, while 16% were somewhat or very confident.

About one-third of respondents admitted they were aware the president had promised to release a healthcare plan. Another 39% were not aware Trump promised to release a plan.

The findings come at a time when the fate of the ACA is in the hands of an appeals court, after a federal judge found the entire healthcare law to be unconstitutional. The entire case stems from a Republican-led lawsuit to overturn the ACA. The Trump administration did not defend the ACA. If the ACA is struck down, a Trump healthcare plan would very likely need to appear.

Amid an impeachment inquiry against Trump, other legislative priorities could get sidelined, including healthcare and drug pricing policies.