Drugmakers not happy about new importation rule

The drug industry is not happy about a new plan from the Trump administration that would allow cheaper drugs to be imported from Canada. The initiative, called the Safe Importation Action Plan, was announced by HHS July 31.

However, pharmaceutical leaders quickly voiced their opposition, Politico reported. Importation of drugs has not been allowed since limits were set in 1987.

"There is simply no way to adopt an importation scheme that doesn't jeopardize the health and wellbeing of America's patients," Jim Greenwood, president of the biotech-heavy organization BIO, told Politico. "This is a misguided attempt to keep an ill-informed campaign promise."

Other leaders similarly sounded off against the idea.

The importation plan follows the Trump administration’s recent actions to stem the fast-rising pace of drug price increases. President Trump, in addition to CMS and HHS, has created a handful of executive orders recently aimed at lowering drug prices.

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