International drug pricing index plan sent to White House

HHS has sent its proposal to base certain drug prices on an international index to the White House last week, according to a report from The Hill.

The proposal, which was introduced in late 2018, would drop payment for certain Medicare Part B drugs––which are typically administered at a doctor’s office­­––30% by basing payments off international pricing models. The plan was expected to save $17.2 billion over five years, according to CMS. The idea was opposed by the pharma industry.

Since then, some speculated if the rule would ever be finalized, according to The Hill. However, with the proposal being sent to the White House for review, a final rule could be forthcoming. At least, the idea is moving forward with support from HHS Secretary Alex Azar, The Hill reported.

It is not known when the White House will review or make changes to the proposal.

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