Pharma industry sues to keep drug prices off TV

The pharmaceutical industry is taking action after the Trump administration finalized a rule that would require drugmakers to publish list prices in television ads. The rule mandates that drugmakers publish prices for prescription pharmaceuticals in direct-to-consumer TV advertisements. A group of lawmakers has filed suit against the administration to block the rule, CNN reported.

According to the drugmakers, the problem is not in publishing the prices. Indeed, Johnson & Johnson was one manufacturer to announce it would voluntarily publish its list prices ahead of the finalized rule. However, drugmakers Merck, Eli Lilly, Amgen and the National Association of National Advertisers argue the rule won’t inform patients as intended by HHS, CNN reported.

In addition, they argue HHS has overstepped its authority by mandating the requirements.

The rule comes as part of the Trump administration’s efforts to lower prescription drug prices, which have continually risen over the last several years.

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