Republicans unveil a new healthcare plan

Members of the Congressional Republican Study Committee released a new healthcare plan from the party, The Hill reported.

The emergence of the plan comes as the upcoming 2020 presidential election heats up and Democratic candidates take on Medicare for all proposals. Attacking the Affordable Care Act has been a platform staple of the Republican party over the last several years and elections.

Republicans are also behind the ACA’s greatest legal challenge yet after launching a lawsuit to overturn it. Late last year, a federal judge found the law unconstitutional, but the case is currently in the appeals process. According to members of the committee, the plan is meant to act as an alternative to Medicare for all plans promoted by Democrats.

In part, the plan establishes high-risk pools instead of providing subsidies for those to purchase individual insurance on the federal marketplace. It would also weaken the essential health benefits requirements of the ACA––a key provision of the law––by allowing states to decide which benefits to cover.

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