Tennessee to ask for Medicaid block granting

Tennessee is poised to become the first state of the union to ask for Medicaid block granting from the Trump administration, Politico reported. Block granting, which is a lump sum for states to provide healthcare services, represents a major overhaul of the Medicaid program and has been a mainstay of the Republican platform for the last several years.

Tennessee lawmakers approved a bill that requires the state to submit a grant to the Trump administration for a block grant plan within six months.

Proponents of block granting say the financial structure allows states more freedom to provide healthcare services and improve patient outcomes. Opponents argue block grants result in less funding for beneficiaries overall.

The state’s action underscores the Trump administration’s promise to offer more flexibility to states to run Medicaid programs. The administration began allowing states to implement work requirement programs in Medicaid last year.

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