Trump op-ed slams Democrats for support of Medicare for all

President Donald Trump penned a rare op-ed in USA Today to bash Democrats over their support of a single-payer healthcare system that has come to be known as Medicare for all.

Trump argues the idea would “take away benefits” from seniors and “end Medicare as we know it.” Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) proposed legislation for a Medicare-for-all plan that was later weighted to cost $32.6 trillion over 10 years.

Without citing evidence, the President proclaimed the move to a single-payer system would result in the “rationing of healthcare” and put doctors and hospitals out of business.

“In practice, the Democratic Party’s so-called Medicare for All would really be Medicare for None,” Trump wrote. “Under the Democrats' plan, today’s Medicare would be forced to die.”

The Washington Post ran a fact-check on the op-ed here

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