Trump’s drug importation plan faces news challenges

President Trump’s plan to allow the importation of certain drugs from Canada is facing new challenges from the Canadian government, according to The Hill.

The government is concerned that its national supply of drugs is too small to also supply the U.S., which has the highest cost of drugs in the world. In addition, U.S. drugmakers are not happy about the plan, arguing the plan doesn’t protect the wellbeing of patients. However, the Trump administration isn’t backing down from its plan, the Safe Importation Action Plan, which was announced in July.

Trump has made lowering drug prices a major piece of his agenda, though hundreds of drugs saw higher prices in 2019. The FDA will release a proposal to allow states to import cheaper drugs in January. Already, four states––Florida, Colorado, Vermont and Maine––are drafting proposals for HHS to allow the importation of drugs.

It is unclear if Canada will go along with the plan. In addition, the U.S. pharmaceutical industry is putting up a front.

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