Speaker of the House Nany Pelosi (D-CA) and House Democrats introduced a new bill Sept. 19 aimed at lowering drug prices.

The American Medical Association is joining forces with healthcare groups to urge policymakers to make changes to remove barriers to opioid addiction treatment.

The rate of uninsured Americans rose for the first time in roughly a decade in 2018, and the Trump administration is placing the blame of the trend squarely on Obamacare.

The Trump administration plans to take on e-cigarette use after an outbreak of severe lung disease related to their use caused more than 450 injuries and 6 deaths around the country.

Kaiser Permanente, a large health system based in California, will be forced to follow the same disclosure laws as other healthcare payers and providers in the state thanks to a new law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Amid an outbreak of hundreds of lung disease illnesses and two deaths related to e-cigarette use, investigators from the New York State Department of Health may have finally determined what is making people so sick across the country. Vitamin E acetate has become the focus of the Department after it was found in nearly all cannabis-containing samples analyzed by its investigation.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar declared public health emergencies for Georgia and South Carolina on Sept. 2 in preparation for Hurricane Dorian.

As the Trump administration pushes forth plans to make electronic health records accessible through apps, medical organizations are pushing back, citing privacy concerns, according to The New York Times.

With nearly 200 vaping-related lung disease injuries and one death across the U.S., the CDC’s investigation into e-cigarette harms is highlighting just how unregulated the market is for these relatively new tobacco and marijuana products, Politico reported.

HHS will provide $23 million to drug manufacturer Merck to produce Ebola vaccine doses over the next year, the agency announced Aug. 21. 

With the Trump administration increasing efforts to force healthcare stakeholders to publish drug and care services prices online and in TV ads, will the initiatives actually do anything to lower costs?

Amid a standoff between 85,000 California-based workers at Kaiser Permanente and the health system over contract negotiations, the California legislature has ramped up the pressure against the nonprofit healthcare services organization.