CDC to investigate lung diseases associated with vaping

The CDC is helping a handful of Midwest states investigate a “cluster” of lung diseases related to e-cigarette use, the agency announced Aug. 17.

The investigation follows reports of vaping-related injuries. In recent days, the number of injured people has risen to 120 across 15 states.

The injuries are primarily among young adults and adolescents and are caused by vaping, according to the CVC, which noted 94 cases of severe lung illnesses as of August 15.

The link to e-cigarette use is somewhat vague, though the CDC needs more information “to determine what is causing the illnesses, the agency said.

“There is no conclusive evidence that an infectious disease is causing the illnesses,” the CDC’s announcement read.

E-cigarettes have taken off in popularity over the last several years, particularly among young adults and teenagers. While some studies have found their use can help smokers quit, their health impacts are not totally known and still have harmful effects. Plus, some e-cigarette makers have come under fire for selling flavored products that are geared toward younger consumers.