Cleveland Clinic’s top 10 medical innovations for 2020

Cleveland Clinic, a Cleveland-based non-profit academic medical center that has frequently landed among the top-ranked hospitals, has released its rankings for the best medical innovations for 2020.

The healthcare provider announced the list at the 2019 Medical Innovation Summit this week, organized by the developmental and commercialization arm of the operator, Cleveland Clinic Innovations. The list names innovations that will enhance healing and change healthcare in 2020, and was selected by a panel of doctors and researchers led by Michael Roizen, MD, emeritus chief wellness officer at Cleveland Clinic.

“Healthcare is ever-changing, and we anticipate that these innovations will significantly transform the medical field and improve care for patients at Cleveland Clinic and throughout the world,” Roizen said.

Here are the top 10 medical innovations:

  1. Dual-acting osteoporosis drug (romosozumab)
  2. Expanded use of minimally invasive mitral valve surgery
  3. Inaugural medication for transthyretin amyloid cariomyopathy
  4. Therapy for mitigation of peanut allergies
  5. Closed-loop spinal cord stimulation
  6. Biologics in orthopaedic repair
  7. Antibiotic envelope for cardiac implantable device infection prevention
  8. Bempedoic acid for cholesterol lowering in statin intolerant patients
  9. PARP inhibitors for maintenance therapy in ovarian cancer
  10. Drugs for heart failure with preserved ejection fraction

Cleveland Clinic also recently announced a new digital health company called The Clinic with telehealth company American Well.

See the full list here.