AAMC offering clinicians COVID-19 guidance from academic medical centers

Healthcare providers have a fresh online resource to consult for emerging best practices on the treatment and management of COVID-19.

It’s the COVID-19 Clinical Guidance Repository, launched and run by the Association of American Medical Colleges.

With the goal of identifying, summarizing and highlighting “areas of alignment in clinical practice during the pandemic,” repository organizers are using the website to compile and present COVID-specific content contributed by academic medical centers across the U.S.

The repository so far has downloadable COVID-19 guidance for infection control, emergency medicine, inpatient care, ambulatory services, serious illness communication, mental health and care for special patient populations such as children.

In introducing the resource, AAMC notes the repository is intended for clinicians, not the general public. The idea is to offer expert information on COVID-19 that supplements clinicians’ own “independent, professional judgment and evaluation of their institution’s unique circumstances.”

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