Google faces more backlash over health data privacy concerns

Google has been partnering up with healthcare industry titans over the last few years in data exchange contracts that continue to draw criticism, Business Insider reported.

While Google is able to promise access to its AI capabilities and predictive analyses, hospitals and health systems hand over patient information to help build these tools. These partnerships could potentially be very lucrative for Google in the future as AI is incorporated more into healthcare, Business Insider reported.

One recent partnership that drew criticism was between Google and Ascension, the nation’s second-largest health system. However, one patient from University of Chicago has sued Google over obtaining health data that could be identifiable. The lawsuit documents offer a glimpse into the contract between Google and University of Chicago.

Google was given de-identified patient information, but because of Google’s data on the data and time patients signed into health services, Google may be able to pair that information with people, Business Insider reported.

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