Google fires four employees over data sharing

Google fired four staffers for sharing sensitive information, some of whom were involved in recent protests over leadership, CNBC reported.

Four workers were fired because an investigation by the company concluded they engaged in wrongdoing, according to a memo from Google’s Security and Investigations team, which also stated the employees searched for, accessed and distributed business information outside the scope of their jobs.

“The company said the employees shared sensitive information, including medical appointments and other meetings," CNBC reported.

At least two of the four fired employees are employee activists.

The report comes at a time when Google is under scrutiny over its newly revealed patient data sharing partnership with Ascension, the nation’s largest Catholic health system. That project, which is called Project Nightingale and was revealed by The Wall Street Journal, gives Google access to the health information of tens of millions of members at Ascension.

The revelation of the project between Google and Ascension put both companies on the defence of their partnership amid cries of privacy concerns and a request from a Congressional committee to provide more information on patient protections.

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