Top 10 states for pharmacists in 2019

Minnesota is the best place to be a pharmacist in 2019, according to a new ranking from Drug Topics. The state has come first in numerous lists over the past several years, including best state for healthcare in 2019 by WalletHub.

Drug Topics pulled together data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, WalletHub and U.S. News and World Report to come up with its list, measuring nine factors overall, such as average annual salary, cost of living, employment, stress levels and more.

Here are the top 10 best states for pharmacists in 2019:

1. Minnesota

2. Kentucky

3. Michigan

4. Pennsylvania

5. Iowa (tie)

5. Ohio (tie)

7. Arizona

8. Illinois (tie)

8. Wisconsin (tie)

10. Nebraska

Despite being ranked No. 1 overall, Minnesota was given the worst score (50 on a scale of 1-50) for stress levels.