“Alexa, what is Tylenol?” Amazon’s cloud-based voice service can now answer health questions like this after partnering up with a drug and medical device knowledge company.

A shortage of a human drug was reported by the FDA as a result of the coronavirus. The agency has been closely monitoring the supply chain in anticipation that the virus, dubbed COVID-19, would lead to potential drug shortages.

More than a dozen HHS workers sent to receive American evacuees from Wuhan, China––where the novel coronavirus originated––without proper training and protective gear, according to a whistleblower complaint reported by the Washington Post.

Patient privacy was under attack last year, with more than 41 million patient records breached, according to a new report from Protenus.

A new investigation examining how marketers are getting the personal Medicare information of seniors is underway, with government watchdogs wanting to know if a misuse of a government system is to blame, The Associated Press reported.

HHS is extending its existing partnership with pharmaceutical company Janssen Research & Development, which is part of Johnson & Johnson, to develop treatments for the 2019 novel coronavirus, the agency announced.


More Americans afflicted with chronic disease are turning to unregulated markets such as Craigslist to find insulin and other necessary medications because they can’t afford to purchase them at the pharmacy­­.


Ochsner Health, the 41-hospital system serving Louisiana, Mississippi and the Gulf South, is joining the ranks of academic medical institutions committed to paying the tuition of homegrown future physicians.

The WHO says its current strategic-response objectives begin with limiting human-to-human transmission—including reducing contact between possible Covid-19 patients and healthcare workers—and preventing further international spread from China.

Healthgrades says it arrives at its results after analyzing the performance of close to 4,500 hospitals treating patients for such conditions as heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, respiratory failure, sepsis and stroke.

Scores of organs—mostly kidneys—are trashed each year and many more become critically delayed while being shipped on commercial airliners.

Meat lovers beware: a new study gives a forkful of warnings about meat consumption and the associated risks of heart disease and death.