Despite healthcare providers reopening their offices, 40% of Americans say they are still delaying medical care due to the pandemic and risk of contracting the virus.

The number of COVID-19 infections is likely ten times higher than the reported numbers, which could put the number of cases in the U.S. at 23 million, according to CDC Director Robert Redfield, MD.

A new study shows that as much as 80% of COVID-19 cases in the early days of the pandemic went undetected as a result of poor testing capabilities in March.

The Trump administration is planning to cut funding for 13 drive-thru COVID-19 testing sites at a time when cases and deaths in the U.S. continue to skyrocket, Politico reported.

A challenge to a Trump administration rule that requires hospitals to post their prices for services online has been defeated after a U.S. judge granted a summary judgment to HHS.

After a brutal two months of significant revenue losses, hospitals saw a slight improvement in margins during May, according to the latest Flash Report from Kaufman Hall.

As the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States continues to rise, the Trump administration is taking aim at the CDC as a possible scapegoat and reportedly weighing whether to launch an in-depth evaluation of the agency to find and highlight perceived missteps in the fight against the pandemic.

CMS has announced the formation of the Office of the Burden Reduction and Health Informatics, an organized effort to reduce regulatory and administrative burden and part of the agency’s Patients over Paperwork initiative.

Healthcare providers are much more prepared to handle a second wave of COVID-19 patients, according to a recent survey from Advis of more than 100 leading healthcare executives.

CMS has announced the members of the independent Coronavirus Commission on Safety and Quality in Nursing Homes, as the agency is seeking an independent review and assessment of what happened at nursing homes across the countries when COVID-19 hit.

The American College of Physicians has released its new Practice Points, which aims to provide rapid clinical advice based on evidence and offer some guidance on wearing masks and respirators.

Hospitals in the U.S. are already using dexamethasone, a commonly known steroid that’s readily available and inexpensive, to treat COVID-19 patients without waiting for confirmation of preliminary results from a British study that found the drug can greatly improve survival.