In the American Northwest and upper Midwest, a digitally progressive health system that operates 24 hospitals is moving to merge with one that specializes in rural care delivery and operates in 24 states and 10 countries.

Leaders of some large hospital systems are lately showing they’ve learned how to cope with wildly fluctuating strains on resources while keeping their doors open for profitable service lines.

U.S. physicians favor the idea of a two-tiered healthcare system, one in which a single-payer option peacefully coexists with private coverage. Their least favorite model? Single-payer Medicare for All.

Even after receiving $7.5 billion in federal COVID relief and billions more from the Paycheck Protection Program, nursing homes are still hurting financially. Should the field’s for-profit players have their hands out with the rest?

Pairing imaging results with self-reported symptoms proved 83% accurate at spotting patients with the virus, Albert Einstein College of Medicine neurologists reported in Stroke.

By Matt O'Connor October 30

A history of heart failure was also associated with longer lengths of stay and an increased risk of mechanical ventilation.

By Michael Walter October 30