Weekly visits to some specialty practices have bounced back from the COVID swoon and then some. For many of these winners, in-person care is coming back to life right alongside telehealth.

Hawaii is the state with the best overall access to healthcare, achieving high scores for percentages of residents with a personal physician and children with a medical home while minimizing unmet needs for mental healthcare and doctor avoidance due to cost.

Of 125 public comments submitted to the FDA on how best to regulate AI software as a medical device, nearly two-thirds came from parties with financial ties to industry, according to a study running in BMJ Open.

In spite of the troubles 2020 has brought to the healthcare economy, the first nine months of the year saw digital health companies break all previous records for attracting venture capital.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital is now in the process of purchasing a new PACS system to reduce some unnecessary manual steps. 

By Marty Stempniak October 21

Artificial intelligence costs less, integrates into workflows, and is less likely to take over their duties, Daniel Ortiz and colleagues wrote in JACR

By Marty Stempniak October 21