The agency has posted an interactive map showing the locations of drug distributors that have recently received shipments of two monoclonal antibody medications good for treating COVID-19.

When it comes to administering COVID-19 vaccinations to the people most in need of immunization, hospitals and health systems across the U.S. are botching the operation.

Of 30 nationally representative college campuses in the U.S., 17 had COVID-19 outbreaks that spread to neighboring communities as classes resumed for the fall.

The COVID crisis has shushed but not silenced hospitals’ talks on mergers and acquisitions in 2020.

If the hospitals of America’s most populous city are any sort of bellwether, CMS is going to have its hands full trying to enforce compliance with the Trump Administration’s executive order on price transparency.

By Dave Pearson January 19

That’s according to a large, retrospective analysis of this intervention, detailed in RSNA’s Radiology.

By Marty Stempniak January 18