If everything goes according to its authors’ vision, healthcare consumers will finally be using their smartphones to easily access all their medical information.

More than a week after protectively disconnecting all online systems in the U.S. following a Sept. 27 cyberattack, a multistate, two-nation health system is coming back online.

Five-hospital Inova Health System based in Falls Church, Virginia, was among the clients of Blackbaud, a fundraising service supplier, affected by a ransomware attack against Blackbaud in May.

The emerging academic discipline of social data science, which leverages Big Data to integrate social science with computer science, has a new base of operations in the Mid-Atlantic region.  

Health and Human Services will award up to five grants as part of the program, with a Sept. 1 application deadline. 

The largest health system in the smallest state has agreed to pay $1,040,000 to HHS’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

Nearly 90% of executives leading medical-technology companies see emerging technologies as a top challenge. And they’re struggling to apply these advances not only to their product and service lines but also to their own business operations.

One point of easier-than-normal entry is nonclinical employees working from home. Another is providers’ weakened state. Many are strapped for cash and, as a result, stretching resources.

Despite the growing number of patients using such technology, only 21% are talking with their providers about how to correspond digitally, and it may be hindering more widespread adoption.

Researchers at Cleveland Clinic have created the first risk prediction model that allows healthcare providers to find the likelihood of an individual patient testing positive for COVID—19, as well as possible outcomes from the virus.

A group of bipartisan senators have banded together to call for expanded telehealth benefits allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic to become permanent.

Amazon Web Services is helping the World Health Organization on a slew of projects to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, including launching an app and supporting the organization’s goals to aid health workers around the world.