The agency has posted an interactive map showing the locations of drug distributors that have recently received shipments of two monoclonal antibody medications good for treating COVID-19.

UnitedHealth Group is acquiring Change Healthcare for about $8 billion cash, the companies jointly announced Wednesday morning.

The company had planned to model digital healthcare transformation by innovating transparent and replicable ways to cover and serve its combined 1.5 million employees.

Almost a quarter of surveyed physicians say they’ve been personally attacked on social media or by other online means. That’s men and women alike, and in about equal ratios.

A trend has emerged of evidently softhearted ransomware gangs swearing off hospitals during the COVID crisis.

The COVID crisis has pushed healthcare providers to up their game on digital health, but the sector is not moving fast enough on this front for the liking of healthcare consumers.

If everything goes according to its authors’ vision, healthcare consumers will finally be using their smartphones to easily access all their medical information.

More than a week after protectively disconnecting all online systems in the U.S. following a Sept. 27 cyberattack, a multistate, two-nation health system is coming back online.

Five-hospital Inova Health System based in Falls Church, Virginia, was among the clients of Blackbaud, a fundraising service supplier, affected by a ransomware attack against Blackbaud in May.

The emerging academic discipline of social data science, which leverages Big Data to integrate social science with computer science, has a new base of operations in the Mid-Atlantic region.  

Health and Human Services will award up to five grants as part of the program, with a Sept. 1 application deadline. 

The largest health system in the smallest state has agreed to pay $1,040,000 to HHS’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR).