Humana, one of the nation’s largest health insurance providers, has partnered with health technology company Philips to offer remote monitoring for Humana’s high-risk Medicare Advantage members to cut down on readmissions and improve care delivery in real time.


Amazon has launched a medical transcription service for clinical documentation, allowing doctors to transcribe conversations with patients into electronic health records.

Google fired four staffers for sharing sensitive information, some of whom were involved in recent protests over leadership, CNBC reported.

Time named 100 of the best inventions in 2019, with several healthcare innovations making the list.

Congress is seeking more information from a proposed rule from HHS that would allow third-party vendors to have access to patient data in order for consumers to view and access their own personal health information.

Google and Ascension are offering more information about their ongoing patient data project in light of significant interest and privacy concerns.

Google and Ascension, the nation’s largest Catholic health system, will have to answer questions about their project that allows Google to collect the health information of millions of patients after Congress sent a letter to the companies.

Health systems are looking to boost patient engagement and invest more in data and analytics in 2020, according to a new report looking at the top initiatives for next year. 

An overwhelming 89% of the healthcare industry is still reliant on using fax machines as part of its communication, according to a survey from TigerConnect, a healthcare communication platform.

HHS is looking into a secret project between Google and Ascension after news reports revealed Google was collecting personal health information, including names and birthdates, of millions of U.S. patients under the partnership.

Electronic health records received an 'F' rating from Yale researchers who analyzed and rated the technologies on quality and efficiency.

Google and Ascension, the nation’s second-largest health system, are insisting their newly revealed data partnership is not secret, despite having the code name Project Nightingale.