Yale New Haven, Connecticut Children’s end merger talks

A “governance issue” which couldn’t be resolved is being blamed for the abandoned merger of Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, according to the Hartford Business Journal.

Talks for combining the two pediatric hospitals began in September 2016 to create one of the country’s largest children’s hospitals. The deal was tabled in January, but the split went unreported until now. The deal breaker, according to Connecticut Children’s CEO Jim Shmerling, was Yale wanting the newly created hospital be a Yale affiliate, which he said would end his medical center’s independence.

“I think our respective boards agree that this is the great concept, it's the right thing to do,” Shmerling said. “Until we can develop a governance structure we can agree on, we're at an impasse.”

The two hospitals have continued to work together on other initiatives, including a joint venture on pediatric cardiac care.

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