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Drug prices in the U.S. are significantly higher than those in peer countries, according to new research from RAND. In fact, compared with 32 other countries combined, drug prices in the U.S. are 256% higher.

In real dollars, these payers’ combined savings would have nearly reached $20 billion just in 2018, the analysis shows.

If they hope to survive the COVID healthcare economy, many independent hospitals may need to cut their workforces, slash their expenses, reduce their investments, pull the plug on some clinical service lines—or all of the above.

After reviewing provider reimbursements, an investigative reporter suggests the Trump administration’s low-profile initiative hasn’t been uniformly poor so much as undeniably erratic.

Two days before HHS was to stop accepting providers’ applications for a second, $15 billion round of CARES Act relief funding, the agency is announcing it will extend the deadline to Sept. 13.

Unless there’s a turnaround from the high costs and low revenues of the COVID healthcare economy, more than 70% of nursing homes and 64% of assisted living communities will not be here a year from now.  

HHS says bullseye recipients are pediatric hospitals that are unaffiliated with larger health systems, serve vulnerable populations and have taken revenue hits during the COVID crisis.

Former CMS acting head Andy Slavitt, MBA, is virtually fist-bumping the FDA for greenlighting Yale’s fast and cheap SalivaDirect protocol for COVID testing.

Responding swiftly to the COVID crisis this past spring, the city of Chicago imagined, built and began operating a nicely outfitted, high-capacity hospital in just three weeks and five days. That was the impressive part.

After weathering rising costs in its health insurance business due to claims coming in from rescheduled procedures, CVS Health expects excellent 2020 earnings on the strength of its diversified business model.

Both organizations have seen their stock prices skyrocket during the pandemic, with the new organization on track to tally nearly $1.3 billion in revenue this year.

The head of the largest pharmaceutical company by revenues is pulling no punches defending the profit motive in the fight against COVID-19.