DOJ to investigate Google’s $2.1B acquisition of Fitbit

The Department of Justice will probe Google’s $2.1 billion acquisition of wearables company Fitbit, The New York Post reported, citing a source close to the situation.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, announced plans to acquire Fitbit in November. The DOJ has been cleared to review the proposed acquisition, following a tussle between federal law enforcement and the Federal Trade Commission, which is also seeking authority to investigate the deal, the NY Post reported. Only one antitrust agency reviews a merger after proposals are filed to both the DOJ and FTC.

The merger reviews stem from a concern of Google holding too much private data of users, including health information. The DOJ is already investigating Google for other anti-trust reasons.

Google’s ongoing collaboration with Ascension Health, in which Google receives the health information of tens of millions of patients, is also under scrutiny by HHS.

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